"To build a successful restaurant company in the spirit of Servant Leadership"

Brewed to Serve Restaurant Group, Inc. is an Atlanta-based company that develops, owns and operates restaurants.  Beginning in 1995 with the development of Max Lager's Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery in downtown Atlanta, the vision of the founders is rooted in service of hospitality. 

Brewed to Serve's logo is a reflection of the creative hospitality.  Beginning with a blank slate, Brewed to Serve takes vacant spaces and creates environments that are authentic and sustainable.  The blank space becomes a reflection of the concept so that when filled with people, artwork, flavors and fragrance, a soul evolves and becomes a reality.  And from there hospitality thrives.

From all of us at Brewed to Serve Restaurant Group, we invite you to join us; visit one of our restaurants; consider future growth in looking toward new developments; and simply become part of what our creative output and hospitality mentality have to offer.

From real estate, to design and development, operations, and advisory services, the Brewed to Serve team assists through sole ownership, partnerships, and joint ventures to develop and form sustainable operations.