The BTS black mark really incapsulates what Brewed to Serve means.  It was inspired by the contrast of positive and negative space contributing to the creation of a simple, abstract symbol breaking down an idea to its most minimalistic visual form. The founders who spent a number of years working in Eastern Europe and Russia, used the ideas conveyed by Russian artist, Kazimir Malevich, in his early 20th century paintings in developing the simple yet strong black square to visually convey their concept of what Brewed to Serve is.  This is further conveyed by its harmonious quality, as represented in the soul and the food of Brewed to Serve restaurants.  The bold sans serif of "Brewed to Serve" compliments the script type of "restaurant group" exemplifying the cyclical concept of servant leadership as a core value of Brewed to Serve.

The hand-drawn square conveys the personal, home-grown origins of Brewed to Serve in contrast to the modern, simple type face and iconography of the white bar – a nod to the table as a place to gather, share ideologies, and enjoy a meal.